Socialism stops at the state line

10th Amendment Maps

State governments are passing 10th-Amendment-based legislation to stop federal abuses of power, from Obamacare and TSA searches to the indefinite detention of American citizens under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Legislative maps posted by the Tenth Amendment Center track the latest action by state governments to defend the Constitution and individual liberty.

2nd Amendment Preservation Act (2013)
Firearms Freedom Act (2013)
NDAA Liberty Preservation Act (2013)
NDAA Local Resolutions (2012-2013)
Federal Health Care Nullification (2013)
Federal Health Care Nullification (2011)
Spy Drones Privacy Protection Act (2013)
Agenda 21 Nullification (2013)
Federal Real ID Nullification
Marijuana Nullification Laws
Constitutional Tender Act (2013)
Constitutional Tender Act (2011)
TSA Nullification (2013)
TSA Nullification (2012)
10th Amendment Bills (2012)
10th Amendment Bills (2011)