Socialism stops at the state line

Liberation Maps

States are leading the fight against Big Government. Track the liberation of America using these legislative tracking maps, which are updated regularly. (Map credits in parentheses.)

States Refusing Obamacare Exchanges Obamacare Medicaid Expansion by State
Health Care Freedom States (ALEC) Defense of Marriage States (NCSL)
School Choice States (AFC) Right to Work States (NRTW)
Gun Control Nullification States Constitutional Carry Gun States
Voter ID States (NCSL) No Foreign Law States
Conservative-led Governments (NCSL) Conservative Populations (Dark Green)
Firearms Freedom Act (TAC) Real ID Nullification (TAC)
Most Free, Least Free States (GMU) Personhood Amendment (PUSA)
Ultrasounds-Before-Abortions (MJ) Pre-Abortion Wait Periods/Counseling